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Meet Dr. Tamara Tilleman: 

Welcome to a place where curiosity leads to discovery and where science enhances our potential.
Dr. Tamara Tilleman, a multidisciplinary scientist, surgeon, and academic leader, invites you to embark on "The Walk.™" This daily practice is designed to systematically move you closer to your goals, make science accessible, and teach you to transform coincidences into opportunities for growth.
Join us to unlock the potential that awaits in every moment.


Tedx Tamara Guangdong

The life philosophy "Multiverseism", invites individuals to embrace the infinite possibilities that life offers, their multiple auto universes, advocating for a life lived in the pursuit of understanding the multitude of realities and the diverse experiences they hold.

** The Walk:  is a daily ritual set in nature. This method of self-inquiry born from Tamara's personal and scientific experiences,
has the potential to liberate you from average and mediocre results, and unlock your untapped potential.

** The "Scientist Way": Tamara approaches life with the curiosity of a scientist and the heart of an explorer. The "Scientist Way" is her modus operandi - a methodical yet passionate pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and truth. It's about asking questions, challenging assumptions, and daring to venture into the unknown in search of enlightenment.

** The Recipe of Serendipity: Turning Coincidence into Serendipity. For Dr. Tilleman, there are no coincidences. Only opportunities for serendipity. She navigates the chaos of existence with a unique ability to connect seemingly random events, weaving them into a tapestry of meaningful experiences. Tamar is teaching "The recipe of Serendipity", people who want to how to turn coincidences into opportunities. 

Welcome to the intersection of science, philosophy, and the boundless human spirit. Welcome to the world of Tamara Tilleman.

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