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Newsletter 1-2-3 words

And this time: a recipe for serendipity, grounding, barbie,

{How this is related to chance, Ruth Dayan Wolfner, and grounding}

Word 1 - serendipity - the recipe

"Taglitagab" is the word chosen by the Hebrew Academy for serendipity. This week I met with attorney and blogger Ruth Dayan Wolfner, the ultimate interviewer, for a conversation about serendipity and there I revealed my personal and professional recipe for how to turn a random event into serendipity. A recipe that allowed me, following an event on the first day of my surgery internship, to research and publish a second doctorate, and to conceive the "Multiverse" philosophy. For those who are fascinated by the word and the idea, it is with great pleasure that I invite you to listen to the podcast

An interesting detail" In the 6th minute of the interview, Ruth tells how a random event in my course "Multiverse" made her start publishing "shorttexts". It is fascinating and I didn't know about it at all. Link to the podcast in Hebrew

Word 2 - Grounding

And here's another thing I really didn't know, about the wonders of health with the help of grounding. If it's a coincidence then it's a surprising one from the week.

A group of 52 people are finishing the Universal Wellness Challenge tomorrow, where I have collected for practice a number of tips that are the top from the latest scientific studies. One of the topics was "grounding", and following a certain practice we received surprising results that ranged from a reduction in chronic pain to better sleep, an effect on concentration, and a change in weight.

It's so surprising that I'm opening a new challenge tomorrow that will deepen the topic of wellness and grounding, and you're welcome to join.

1. - I'm starting a free group that will measure these changes in people, and if you want to be part of the group, here is the link.

2. - I will publish in the Facebook group about grounding scientific studies. Join the group here.

3. - I am completely changing the retreats in October that are going to Cyprus, they will all be on the subject of earthing and grounding. I am already deep in scientific studies, and there are interesting things and exercises there. This is the link for the Cyprus retreat.

Word 3 - Barbie

Wow, I couldn't stop laughing for an hour from the moment Barbie discovers cellulite on her doll's legs until the end of the movie. The plastic surgeon in me came out of the closet at that moment.

A cult film full of sharp social criticism, which makes fun of all the puppies of the "science of happiness" who tell you that you will become happy as soon as you allow yourself to "be human" and "permission to be human" lol, how the sentence was butchered as a song in the movie.

For those who are interested, the extensive review of the movie is on my Facebook page, but the bottom line, take your daughter, or the neighbor's daughter as an excuse to go to the movie.

Not if she's under 12 - because she might still think that's how you should behave...

Three words of the week: serendipity, grounding, barbie.

So which word is really important to you?


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