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Newsletter 1-2-3 Words

Words about coincidences, and not by chance

On the flight from Tel Aviv to Toronto, I managed to watch two excellent documentaries and start reading a book about people with ADHD. Then a passenger collapsed and CPR began (she's fine). So here are summaries of coincidences in the documentary films and one book recommendation for attentive children. Thanks for your curiosity. Dr. Tamara Tilman,

Coincidence Stories - Paz Candy (2022 documentary)

You'll never look at a fuzz candy dispenser the same way again. Steve Gallio spent the 1990s smuggling rare Fuzz machines into the US from Eastern Europe, making millions of dollars. And he came up with it by accident when he was looking for another children's toy. It was all innocent and magical until his archenemy, who also happened to own the rights to Fuzz candies in America, decided to intervene. A film with insight into how money is made, how greed, ego, and power are the fruit of a spoiled American culture, and how not submitting one document can allow you to make millions of dollars. A film that, like the candy it is about, is sweet, really small, and will leave you wanting more. The movie itself has one of the most touching love stories on Netflix. Not crowned as a love movie but it is. worth watching. And if you also want to learn how from an accidental event you can reach a discovery, here are all the details of the retreat in Cyprus.

A serendipity story - Searching for Sugar Man (documentary 2013)"

Searching for Sugar Man" is an extraordinary documentary about the search for a lost music legend. The film centers on musician Sixto Rodriguez, who produced several folk-rock albums in the early 1970s. His music was not very popular in his home country, the United States, but he became a sensation in South Africa, much like the Beatles or Elvis Presley, without his knowledge. His album "Cold Fact" won many hits and was shared, and became the soundtrack of the anti-apartheid movement. As mentioned without his knowledge, he evoked deep echoes among the youth, who suffered under the harsh apartheid regime. It goes without saying that Rodriguez never saw a penny from selling records on the "black" market in South Africa. Rodriguez faded into history and there were rumors of his suicide on stage. But two South African fans, Steven 'Sugar' Segerman and Craig Strydom, decided to find out what really happened to their hero, which led to a serendipitous discovery. They set up a website in the late 1990s hoping to gather information about Rodriguez, and by chance, just by chance, his eldest daughter came across the site and contacted them. These fans brought Rodriguez to South Africa in 1998 for a series of concerts, where he received recognition for his music. The film "Searching for Sugar Man" is excellent, and won the BAFTA Award for Best Documentary Film, and the Academy Award for Documentary Film 2013. The film received a 95% rating from Rotten Tomatoes. rare. And if you want to start maintaining wellness, here is a challenge that will start this week following an interview with Avri Gilad in " Wellness Time ".

Coincidence stories - Yael Shovel Multiverseism graduate.

Everyone wants to know how to study smarter! Over two years ago, Yael Shovel sat in the 10th multiverseism course and summarized the first lesson in which we decide what to focus on in the next two months (the so-called "Tilman question"). And then she uploaded the summary for the benefit of all the participants in the WhatsApp group. She didn't think that one conclusion could change her professional life. but that is what happened. She prepared the summary in the form of a "one-pager" that is especially suitable for people with ADHD, which is exactly what she has. The summary was received in an unusual way, and Yael decided immediately to start writing a book for people with ADHD. A book on how to finish projects. Another book of hers, "The Wisdom of ADHD", was published this month, book five, which reveals the secrets of how to learn smart if you have an attentive mind. This is a unique method that she developed and is based on the gifts of the attention brain (yes, there are those). She teaches in the book, step by step, how to organize the way of studying in order to succeed. I bought it and also gave it to my personal student. The book can be obtained at a discount until the end of the week and a digital version will be sent to those living abroad. It is highly recommended, and again the link:


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