Dr. Tamara Tilleman

Tamara Tilleman is an innovation scientist who created the innovation language™ method that teaches people and organizations how to be more creative and innovative. The program began 20 years ago with her doctoral dissertation on paradigms in science and how to promote scientific discoveries and paradigms shift for the benefit of humanity.

The innovative language™  became a world-renowned program for cultivating creativity and innovative thinking and has won the South China Guangdong Province Educational Project for the years 2020-2021.

Her next book “the Tillman Question” describes how a single but curious question can simplify and clear your future, can make you focus on actionable items, and can change lives (July 4, 2021). The book and the process helps eliminate the uncertainty that is so prevalent today.

The Tillman question has helped thousands of people focus on what’s matter in life and find unique solutions for their private lives and businesses.

She is the founder of InnoLingo a consulting firm in the greater Boston area (2015). The consulting services include business development consulting, business training in innovative solutions to existing problems, the business game InnoLingo™, and workshops to encourage innovative thinking. 

Innovation has become an essential skill of the new world. Although everyone knows what an innovative company or country is, very few can describe who has an innovative mind.a

To schedule a consultation, keynote speaking, and Inno-Lingo workshops,  please call our customer service at 1-888-505-8588e


Spot It!

First step is diagnosing of the need for a change. Our screening tool is a short questionnaire developed to identify major life aspects and spot gaps, barriers, and strengths.

Be Better!


Analyze it!

The next step is an analysis (assessment) of gaps found. You will better understand the reason for the gaps and the necessary change at work and life.

Be Transformed!

InnoLingo™ CHANGE


Vision it!

This third step is creating a personalized and measurable plan, functioning as a map to complete your change- management strategy.

Be Inspired, Be Energized!
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