Dr. Tilleman

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Dr. Tamara Tilleman
Dr. Tilleman is a Change-Strategist who created the behavioral theory 1Gap™ Change Theory (1GCT). The method outlines the five rational steps for making any lasting change.
Everyone wants to make a change ( to grow, to become financially free, and more), but unless you have an effective change management strategy, you will fail.
Most people are unfamiliar with decision-making processes and the governing rules for choosing well. The 1 Gap™ Change Theory is simplifying the steps needed to reach a lasting transformation.
In addition to her academic work and medical practice, Tamara wrote a PhD thesis about paradigms and biases in science. In 2015, she co-founded gap-analysis consulting firm, at the greater Boston area.

To schedule a keynote or a workshop, please call our customer service 1-888-505-8588, or please email us: info@the1gap.com.


Spot It!

First step is diagnosing of the need for a change. Our screening tool is a short questionnaire developed to identify major life aspects and spot gaps, barriers, and strengths.

Be Better!


Analyze it!

The next step is an analysis (assessment) of gaps found. You will better understand the reason for the gaps and the necessary change at work and life.

Be Transformed!



Vision it!

This third step is creating a personalized and measurable plan, functioning as a map to complete your change- management strategy.

Be Inspired, Be Energized!