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Newsletter 1-2-3 Words

Word 1 - Discovery by the way = Serendipity

The Hebrew Language Academy released new words this week that it passed. Therefore, from now on, instead of saying serendipity, from now on we will say – by the way discovery.

The Academy of Languages was right that this was a casual event (chance), and we add that this word is seven times more beautiful than the word Athenian that was proposed in the past (looked for a monarchy and found Athens).

On the other hand, serendipity is not a single discovery, but a chain of actions leading to a result that is incidental.

Without work and adoption of proactive behavior, from the moment of synchronicity (understanding, moment of eureka) - to the result of serendipity, there is a chain of action.

Nothing random, random, or synchronicity comes to a serendipitous product if there was no respectable work afterwards.

Although the academy was not accurate in my opinion on the subject of serendipity, it nevertheless managed to accurately describe gaslighting. The new word is mind hijacking and in short hijacking = mental abuse in which the abuser exerts on his victim a mechanism of controlling his mind and gradually undermining his trust in the perception of reality and his ability to distinguish between reality and imagination.

Word 2 - Ice cream

Still at the Language Academy, thousands of Israelis chose which is the most favorite and most hot word coined by Eliezer Ben Yehuda. The word chosen is 'ice cream' which strongly reminds of the Italian gelato. And not for nothing. The Italians were the first to make ice cream by mixing fruit juices and ice. And Turin was the first city that sold and traded ice cream. The word ice cream appears for the first time in the description of the manna that the Israelites ate in the desert from the book of Exodus "Thick as an atonement on the earth". Onklos, which is the Aramaic translation of the Torah, interpreted it as: "like ice on an area". That is "Glid" which is Karach in Aramaic. Eliezer ben Yehuda added H at the end of the word, and the rest is a sweet history of a dish made of eggs and sugar and milk that was frozen and cold as ice.

Some fun facts about ice cream:

Ice cream is found in a recipe book from the 17th century, the average number of licks to finish a scoop of ice cream is 50, the countries that consume the most ice cream are the USA (the average American eats 45.8 liters of ice cream a year, and the average weight in America is really clear), Australia and then, Norway. Vanilla is the most popular taste , but actually chocolate ice cream was invented first.

Word 3 Wild = Rewilding

Or: how to reach out to nature

Rewilding is the way that man can help nature restore itself. I live in Seattle in the state of Washington, which is full of water and forests, a primeval wild landscape. And yet, amidst all this beautiful wilderness, man has subdued nature. In a lot of concrete, roads, and destruction of natural conditions for plants and animals.

Rewilding is a nature conservation strategy for balance and harmony in ecosystems. It aims to restore biodiversity, promote symbiosis and support the natural functioning of ecosystems by reducing human intervention and letting nature take care of itself.

Most of us want more than we have. This is human nature, and this is the nature of nature. Nature promotes adaptation and evolution to a "superior" species that is more suitable for the environment and increases the ecosystem through a process of natural selection. However, human intervention for hundreds of years has damaged the selection process. In order for nature to return to maintaining balance and harmony, several things are necessary:

Biodiversity: which leads to a more balanced and flexible ecosystem.

Symbiosis: restoration of symbiotic relationships between species that have been disrupted by human intervention.

Nutrient renewal: restoration of natural habitats such as forests, wetlands and grasslands.

Adaptation and evolution: by reducing human intervention and allowing nature to do its thing, for natural selection.

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