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Newsletter 1-2-3 Words

Word 1 -️ Flamenco

Why is flamenco an art of all kinds?

(Dedicated to Adria Dvir the architect who recognizes buildings and shapes from a distance)

Flamenco is considered a fusion of several arts due to its multifaceted nature, which brings together different artistic fields and cultural influences. Flamenco has a rich history and the roots of flamenco can be attributed to the cultural melting pot of Andalusia, where different communities, such as the Romanian people, the Moors (whose architecture we will soon mention), the Jews and the local native Andalusians, peoples that existed together and influenced each other.

Some of the key factors contributing to the fusion of several arts in flamenco include:

-Cultural influences: the diverse cultural background of the living communities in Andalusia shaped the development of flamenco. The Romanian people, in particular, had a significant influence on the art form, as they combined their musical traditions and visual forms of expression in flamenco.

-Music and rhythm: Flamenco music is characterized by complex rhythms and unique guitar techniques. The guitar serves as the basis for the music, with its role evolving over time from a simple accompaniment to a more prominent and virtuosic element.

-Singing: Flamenco singing is a central element of flamenco, which includes a wide variety of vocal styles and emotional expressions. The lyrics often touch on themes of love, loss and social issues, showcasing the storytelling aspect of flamenco.

-Dance: Flamenco dance is characterized by its "fluid" movements, hard footwork and expressive gestures. The dance serves as a visual representation of the music and the emotions conveyed in the song, and creates a powerful connection between the dancer, the singer and the guitarist.

- Applause: The palms have become an integral part of flamenco culture and mainly allow following the complex rhythm of sometimes up to 12 beats.

-Costume and aesthetics: Flamenco is also known for its unique costumes, with women usually wearing colorful and frilled dresses and men wearing tight suits. The costumes and overall visual presentation of the flamenco shows contribute to the rich and dynamic aesthetics of the art.

The fusion of these different artistic elements and cultural influences created flamenco, an art form that continues to evolve and captivate audiences around the world.

After watching a flamenco show in Seville this week, it was hard to choose which of the participants was "better".

The guitar amazed with its melodies, the male singers with their voices, the couple and the other flamenco dancers gave an excellent show, and this is the strength of #Gamogam. Ola.


For those who want to watch a fine flamenco, here is Carmen Amiya:

Word 2 - Pablo Picasso

Or: how exposure at an early age to "both and" creates a multi-faceted person.

Tschernihovski said that we are probably the landscape template of our homeland, and we will add to it a massacre that we have already seen, that there are people and cultures that are #damaged.

Picasso was born in Málaga in the south of Spain, to a father who was also a painter, an art teacher at the university and the curator of the museum in Málaga. Enough genetics and epigenetics for Pablo to start painting, go to art school, leave it after a year, and prefer father's education.

All this was enough to make Picasso a painter. An ordinary painter.

But he was no ordinary craftsman. He was the man who created a new trend, Cubism, an Ongarde style in painting and sculpture, which consists of square patterns and viewing the painted object from different perspectives.

From wandering in the town where he was born in southern Spain: Málaga, I understood how the surrounding landscape influenced Picasso. The town of Malaga has an Islamic architecture called Moorish architecture that developed in the Middle Ages. Throughout the climb to the citadel, Alxaba, which overlooks the city, I saw the architecture that is characterized by intricate and intricate shapes, geometry, and inscriptions in bright colors.

This tour immediately explains how the child Picasso thirstily drank geometric structures from the age of zero. How layered structures that show several angles will allow a young child to see the face both from the front and from the side and from behind. The child Pablo Pixar created cubist art as well, which fell into a period of psychic wonder of the possibility of analyzing objects and people (Freud).

And the first painting of the three analyzed apples is the one that started with the cubist movement.

Both the knowledge of the architecture and the geometry of the town where he was born, and also the Bohemian environment where Picasso roamed. Merging all the worlds together.

Let them spend half a day in Picasso's house and in the museum, three of them are close to each other.

At the end, for the sake of celebrity. Picasso was the greatest celebrity artist who walked the earth, and certainly and certainly in Spain. And the celebrity and their couple saved his life. Stalin killed a goat and killed them after he got rid of his communism (well, once upon a time murderers had tact too).

An exercise following Picasso?

Watch the film "1001 Lies About Picasso", a witty film that was a cult film in Israel in the 1980s.

And can you think how the environment affects your life?

I am interested in studying in the "parallel universe" course in April

Word 3 - Pedro Almodovar

Or: Why am I teaching Almodovar's film "Parallel Mothers" in the #Multiverse course?

And another Spanish craftsman who is a #gamgam man.

Pedro Almodóvar, a Spanish filmmaker who made a name for himself by fusing different genres, styles, and subjects in his films: Spanish and international cinema, pop culture, and personal experiences, resulting in his films being incredibly spectacular and profound.

Some examples from Almodovar's films where there is fusion and fusion:

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (1988): This film is a mix of ballad comedy and melodrama, featuring strong female characters and exploring themes of love, betrayal and madness. Almodóvar was inspired by Jean Cocteau's play The Human Voice and Hollywood comedies of the 1940s and 1950s.

"All About My Mother" (1999): a film that combines drama, comedy and tragedy, while dealing with issues of identity, gender and motherhood. Almodovar was influenced by the works of the American playwright Tennessee Williams, especially "A Streetcar Named Desire", and the films of Douglas Sirk, known for his lush and melodramatic style.

"Speak to Elia" (2002): a film of drama, romance and thriller, which told the story of two men who take care of women in the floor (Tardanat). The film draws inspiration from silent films, dance and bullfights, and explores themes of love, loneliness and communication.

"The Skin I Live In" (2011 ): a psychological thriller that combines elements of horror, science fiction and melodrama, and tells the story of a plastic surgeon obsessed with creating the perfect skin.

Almodovar drew inspiration from Thierry Junquet's novel Tarantula and classic horror films, such as Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo and Georges Franjo's Eyes Without a Face.

"Pain and Glory" (2019): This semi-autobiographical film, Almodovar blends elements of drama and introspection, while exploring themes of aging, creativity and personal history.

"Parallel Mothers" (2021) is a drama film written and directed by Pedro Almodovar. The film stars Penelope Cruz and Milena Smith as two women who meet in a hospital room where they are both about to give birth. The film explores themes of motherhood, family and the impact of Spain's historical memory, particularly focusing on the Spanish Civil War and Franco's dictatorship.

Exercise in Almodovar:

Everyone should watch the film Parallel Mothers, and when you do this, think about random moments in the film (the babies), moments of serendipity (Penelope's partner is an anthropologist who specializes in people's faces), from each character not knowing what she knows (death in the cradle), and from each character getting exactly what she wants (this understanding is important in the film).

If you have solved all these moments, you have understood the whole philosophy of #parallel universe.

and if not? The course starts in two weeks, and it is a unique experience of #Gamogam...


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