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Welcome to the Bio-Innovation Academy, where we explore the cutting-edge of individual innovation and self-awareness through our unique educational programs.
Our philosophy is built on the foundation of "KnoWareness," a concept developed by Dr. Tamara Tilleman that merges knowledge with awareness to unlock new levels of understanding and capability.


Discover the World of KnoWareness

At the Bio-Innovation Academy, you will be introduced to the revolutionary concept of "KnoWareness", a term coined by Dr. Tamara Tilleman. KnoWareness is based on five new levels of knowledge, enabling each of us to discover what we know but are not aware of, and to systematically develop an alertness that leads to action and innovation.

Merging Universes - The New Alchemy

We believe that everyone can be innovative by weaving together personal paradigms, childhood memories, and talents into a unique and valuable tapestry. Dr. Tilleman herself exemplifies this, as her personal struggle with a rare eye disease led to the development of an innovative technique for pain relief.

Wellness - Advancing Health and Quality of Life

The academy identifies five unconventional wellness domains that lead to peak performance. Among these, the practice of 'grounding' can significantly improve sleep quality, reduce inflammation, and enhance business outcomes, demonstrating the tangible benefits of personal well-being on professional success.

Biomimicry - Nature as the Master Classroom

Nature, in its infinite wisdom, serves as our greatest inspiration; thus, we return to it to learn, for example, how to optimally ventilate buildings inspired by termite mounds. Our entrepreneurial community regularly adopts models from nature, such as Yifat Yerushalmi, an interior designer who expanded her business exponentially by applying fractal models.

Tikkun Olam - Ethical Innovation

At the heart of our curriculum is the belief that innovation should be value-driven. We educate on the importance of prioritizing uniqueness over competition, transparency, sustainability, and global contribution, aiming to reintroduce humanity and responsibility into the business world.

Legacy - Leaving a Mark for Future Generations

The academy is dedicated to creating a legacy that impacts future generations. "Individual innovation" involves meticulous documentation of successes and failures alike, sharing insights in an accessible manner that resonates with future audiences, while preserving the continuity of human contributions.

Learning and Development

At the Bio-Innovation Academy, we believe innovation is not just a process but a personal journey of self-discovery and contribution to the world.
We invite you to be part of our community of innovators, to discover your unique singular value, and embark on an exciting journey of personal and professional growth.

Our Academy is located in Seattle WA, Miami FL, and Wyoming

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