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‘The Walk' is a method of self-discovery born from Dr. Tamara Tilleman's personal and scientific experiences.
This daily practice of the self-inquiry walk has the potential to liberate you from average and mediocre results.
By tapping into newfound wisdom and knowledge that resides within you, 'The Walk' transforms into a journey that mobilizes you towards taking the necessary steps and actions to excel, ultimately revealing your innate greatness and uniqueness.

Maximize Your Full Potential


About Dr. Tamara Tilleman

Tamara is the creator of ‘The Walk’ which is a method aiming to eradicate mediocracy. 
She is a Scientist, Surgeon, Keynote Speaker, Innovation Professor, Academic Leader (Dean positions held in the US and China), and the creator of Multiverseism Philosophy.

She resides with her family in Seattle, USA.

At the heart of Seattle, where global innovation pulsates through giants like Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, and Starbucks, a multidisciplinary scientist stands out, Dr. Tilleman.

Dr. Tilleman has shaped an innovative vision for humans, enabling individuals to unlock their unique personal potential in order to maintain relevance, particularly in the era of generative artificial intelligence.


Per Tamara, prosperity in the age of AI lies in developing a "singular value", a unique value proposition by each person.

"As artificial intelligence with complex algorithms mimics humans, personal survival depends on the capacity for learning, adapting to changes, and creating unique singular niches for yourself."

Tedx Tamara Guangdong

Dr. Tilleman has shaped an innovative vision for humans, enabling individuals to unlock their unique personal potential in order to maintain relevance, particularly in the era of generative artificial intelligence.

She herself is a fusion of formal and informal education of arts and sciences. She holds two doctorates and five degrees from top universities, such as Harvard in Boston and Erasmus in Holland, and has hobbies include traditional Chinese painting.


Her fascinating scientific work on medical paradigms, combined with her surgical practice, and coincidence events resulted in serendipity, leading Dr. Tilleman to conceive the philosophy of "multiverseism".

According to the philosophy of multiverseism, we all live in parallel universes, some of which are hidden from us. We do not behave in the same way at home or at work, we have worlds of knowledge, of successes, of coincidences, of strengths, of failures, of childhood memories, and many more.
It is the discovery and merging of these domains, and the understanding of what they have in common, that gives the individual its unique value. One, single, and special value, unparalleled in the world.


Through this metamorphic journey, part of which is inspired by nature, we discover and consolidate a unique value. On the other hand, if we have neglected this introspection, we risk living a mediocre life, which does not utilize our inherent potential.


Dr. Tilleman states, "The human tragedy is living below one's potential. The greater tragedy for humanity is living below our collective shared potential."
Failure to share and synergize our global collective knowledge limits social growth and does not allow finding solutions to significant problems of our society (enough to recall what happened during the COVID crisis).


At the center of multiversism, a parallel universe, and one of Dr. Tilman's guiding principles is "Tikun Olam" - an age-old principle that emphasizes our common duty to improve the world.

If each person has a unique value, then he also has a unique destiny, shaped by his life experiences and the multiple worlds he has collected during his journey.

Tikun Olam happens when we all share and combine our unique life lessons and values. And the correction means expanding the knowledge that exists in the world, and teaching others the lessons we have passed.


Through sharing and combining our life lessons and singular values, we practice Tikun Olam, which means repairing our world by expanding its knowledge.


Under her mentorship, and through the practice of merging worlds as advocated by the philosophy, Dr. Tilleman’s students have indeed thrived.
They have become influential educators, researchers, social entrepreneurs, innovative startup pioneers, authors, and other influential positions. Each with their own unique and significant contribution to our world.


Dr. Tillman's work can be delved into through her weekly newsletters, media interviews, and presentations as a keynote speaker at global conferences.

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