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Our mentoring method designed to help people make a fast and an effective change. It involves using our diagnostic tools and creating a strategy tailored to effectively manage changes.
The program is a short term one with up to five sessions process based on Dr. Tilleman’s 1Gap™ Change Theory (1GCT). At the end of the process you will get a five steps plan to execute a lasting change. We will identify your success factors, the single most critical change in life aspects needed in your life right now, and the significant obstacles to success. 
Please call our customer service 1-888-505-8588, or email us: info@the1gap.com


As a Boston based consulting firm, every year we are inspired by the people behind the Boston Marathon (see below). Update: Boston Marathon 2020 was rescheduled to September 14, 2020.

Here are some of the stories behind the #BostonMarathon’s top finishers.

Please take a moment and read about:

And other Marathon stories regarding sportsmanship during that Marathon day in Boston.