Lectures and Private Workshops
by Dr. Tilleman

Dr. Tilleman’s lectures/workshops:

  • Successier™
    Our flag workshop reviews 5 core lessons for achieving peak performance and success.
    The training provides actionable insights from cutting-edge research on how people excel and achieve extraordinary results. Participants in Successier ™ workshops start immediately to practice how to up one’s game and go beyond their paradigms and restricted boundaries.
    This is a workshop that spans multiple disciplines, domains, and capabilities with practical wisdom for people who want to master their lives, their career, and their business.
  • Leadership without Paradigms™
    Our executive training provides core leadership skills necessary to become an effective person who commands a group, organization, or country.
    The first step to growing and innovation is understanding the 3 basic competencies: leadership, mentoring and paradigms in the workplace.
    Participants in Leadership without Paradigms™ workshops start immediately to practice how to transform their organization’s culture and how to retain top talent.
  • Who moved my paradigm™ (for teens)
    We believe that early exposure to the concept of paradigms as presented in this peak performance boot camp can accelerate the onset of high achievement.
    This short workshop teaches teens the characteristics of effective leaders, the value of setting and achieving goals, taking responsibility/initiative and of hard working. We are committed to teens who are the future leaders of our communities and nation.
  • Awaken the Moses Within ™ (offered during Passover )
    Exodus’ timeless lessons on success and leadership.