1. “Innovation is Everybody's Business”
How to become more innovative using Innovation Language technique

Everyone wants to be better ( to grow, to become financially free, to have better relationships with the kids, to have a better product than the competitors), but unless you have an effective innovation and change management strategy, you will fail.

The lecture provides the core lessons from the The Innovation Language™ method supported by a cutting-edge research about how to make improvements and achieve extraordinary results. 

2. “The Tilleman Question”
Answer it and get (much) more from life.

How well do you think you know yourself? Most people are sure they know themselves very well until they are asked this question. 
This lecture discovers the 5 necessary parts of a powerful question that if you answer it correctly, will transform your future. 
The question is used both for private people and companies. Any one of them that needs some focus. 

3. “Let my People Go!” How Moses created/invented a new nation

Exodus’ timeless lessons of effective change management, leadership, and decision-making.
A model to predict human behaviors under ambiguity, and ignorance (the optimality criterion for decision-making). 

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