Dr. Tilleman

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1. “When a husband brings his wife flowers for no reason” (what are your hidden brain biases?)

How well do you think you know yourself? Most people are sure they know themselves very well until they find out that there are hidden biases that affect how they feel, act, learn, and even what they see!
This lecture discovers some of your brain biases and teaches how to expose tricks used for sales and marketing (and maybe by your partner?)

2. “Life is an ever changing game” (what are the "game of life" rules?)

Everyone wants to make a change ( to grow, to become financially free, you name it), but unless you have an effective change management strategy, you will fail.

The lecture provides the core lessons from the 1Gap™ Change Theory and cutting-edge research about how to make a change and achieve extraordinary results.

Most people are unfamiliar with the process of decision-making and the governing rules for choosing well. Don’t stay in the dark.

Participants in “Life is an ever changing game” lecture or workshop start immediately to practice the necessary steps for a lasting change (yes, a diet too)

3. “Let my People Go!” (how do people make decisions?)

Exodus’ timeless lessons of effective change management, leadership, and decision-making.
A model to predict human behaviors under ambiguity, and ignorance (the optimality criterion for decision-making).