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Dr. Tamara Tilleman

1. "The Tilleman Question" Coming on July 2021 “The Tilleman Question” is teaching you how to prioritise your future, and focus on the most important thing that matters to you. Only one thing. Bye bye multitasking. 
If you have too many options, and you can't think how to start organizing your personal and professional life, this short and practical book, will show you the North.

describes the burnout phenomenon, its causes, symptoms, and the ramifications of prolonged burnout. You can learn how the bounty society, excess of choices, and cynicism of the governing systems contributed to the development of the burnout phenomenon. The book suggests antidotes to reverse this disease along with ways to protect yourselves from experiencing it in the future.

Dr. Tilleman is calling for a nationwide action to prevent the next “opioid disaster”.

2. Journeys to Success. International authors share their captivating stories of failure and success.
Published October 2017. Tilleman T, Berger W, et al. Book: Success pathway. Publisher: John Westley Clayton, 2017 Chapter 1: Paradigms in Medicine. John Westley Publishing. October 22nd, 2017. https://www.amazon.com/Journeys-Success-International-Captivating-Principles-ebook/dp/B076JLK3TW/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8
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3. Positive Mental Attitude: Inspiring Stories From Real People. What if there was One Power that could help you in All Areas of Life?Considered to be one of Napoleon Hill’s most important success principles—a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)—is the one secret for extraordinary success! Welcome to a World of PossibilityIn a world that is constantly bombarding us with negativity, the stories within will change your life. We’ve assembled authors from all walks of life who share their personal journeys with adopting and maintaining a positive mental attitude...
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4. Going the Extra Mile. Going the Extra Mile portrays real-life stories that push human potential to peak performance. Tilleman T, Hargreaves E, et al. Book: Going the extra mile. Publisher: John Westley Clayton, 2016. Chapter 1: It was all for the best. In the book: book. John Westley Publishing. December 15th, 2016. https://www.amazon.com/Going-Extra-Mile-Tamara-Tilleman-ebook/dp/B01NAJWY38
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