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my best year 2022 Challenge


Please join my virtual webinar, “My best year 2022,” that will reveal some strategies of how to make the coming year more productive and more peaceful so that you can fulfill things, regain vitality and be proud of your achievements.

Tamara Tilleman, PhD, MD

About Tamara

Tamara Tilleman is a Strategy Consultant and an Innovation Professor.
She helps businesswomen minimize the two main concerns of business owners: uncertainty and fear of failure.

Her business solutions are tailored to each client and innovative ideas for becoming an expert in your field and differentiating yourself from other competitors in the marketplace.

She coined the term “customers’ inelastic demands” as a professional way to give unique value so that substitutes for your services no longer exist or are relevant.

Her clients turn into experts in their fields, publish books, and choose which customers they want to serve. Their ideal avatars.

Her organization, Multiverse Academy, is a one-stop-shop center for the training of businesswomen who wish to gain an edge and become indispensable in the marketplace.

“Her “Tilleman Question” is a way to focus your life in a minute. Once you practice it, you will never waste your life on minor things.”

“Her training turned me from an average consultant to an expert in my field.”

 “Multiverse training made me the businesswoman I am today.”

” I did not dare to start my business and leave my 9 to 5 job until I worked with Tamara.” 


My Best Year 2022. Are you interested or are you committed?

my best year 2022...Virtual Webinar

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