Tamara Tilleman, Ph.D., MD


A Surgeon, a burnout expert, a career mentor and author of “Burnout Miracle” (Sep 2019).

Her keynote lecture: “Burnout at Work- the Cure” can be ordered by contacting her office.

Gap-Analysis Consulting specializes in performance optimization. The firm is helping individuals and corporations to understand their gaps and how to optimize their performances and reduce burnout.
The firm is using a novel gap-analysis assessment to review performances and to determine personal and business requirements. The tool was created by Dr. Tilleman based on her training as both surgery and an economist.

The “Burnout Miracle” book details areas in life where people are stuck in and burnout and is offering the fastest ways to unstuck for good.
Dr. Tilleman’s keynote speech, seminars, and books teach how to implement that proven process, yielding outstanding results.

In addition to her consulting activity, Dr. Tilleman manages a family investment company Mondial Holdings.


To enable people and businesses throughout the world to optimize their performances.



Successier™ – a powerful individual development program
Self-leadership is a prerequisite to success in every walk of life.
Through a powerful assessment tool: Gap-Analysis, you will gain a full understanding of your strengths, your cognitive biases, paradigms, and your obstacles to success.
Using our “What-Why-Hows” model, this self-leadership program can help individuals develop and implement personal grow.

Confucius said, “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential—these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.”

Be Better!



Excellencier™ – a powerful organizational growth program
Excellence is a prerequisite to achieving long-lasting business triumph.
Through a powerful assessment tool: Gap-Analysis, you will gain a full understanding of your business strengths and weakest links including recurrent mistakes.
Using our “What-Why-Hows” model, this quality management program can help companies reduce costly mistakes and develop an attitude of excellent performance.
Your organization will develop standard operating checklists and an algorithm to reduce recurrent mistakes.
This method helped companies achieve optimal solutions to complex organizational problems.

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Performancier™ – a powerful performance program
This training program is an organized weekend in which participants share real personal and businesses cases. The program improves personal and organizational skills by implementing them on real case studies chosen by the participants themselves.
The learning objective of this high impact program is to develop a performance framework and to facilitate a weekend of solutions to your business challenges.
No matter where you are in your personal or professional journey, this service will help you to optimize your performance.

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