Tamara Tilleman, Ph.D., MD

Biography and Mission

A Surgeon, a performance expert and the author of an upcoming book: “Stuck in life? The cure.”
Tamara teaches in her book a technique that enables people to immediately take control over their lives and free themselves from both chronic stuckness and the associated pain. The same way she did when she was hit by a car some years ago and her career changed forever.

Surgeons are very good at collecting data. This is the starting point of any process including Dr. TIlleman’s. Once surgeons got the data, they are good at organizing it, analyzing it, and identifying what is the real problem. Once the diagnosis was made, surgeons will always come up with more than one option to solving it. They have plan A, B, C, D. and focusing on executing that single task. If you learn the process, you can start acting like a surgeon without going through the medical training. Dr. Tilleman’s programs will teach you purely the process.
Dr. Tilleman’s mission is to help businesses and individuals optimize their performances.
She created two professional and personal growth programs: Excellencier™ and Successier™ to help and motivate people who feel stuck in life.
Those programs are based on her research at Harvard University and Erasmus University and assisted transforming organizations and individuals to deliver and sustain high performance.



  • Excellencier™
    quality management method that helps to develop standard operating procedures and practical checklists. It seeks to improve the output of a process by identifying and removing human errors and by minimizing variability in the business operation.  Using this method, companies achieve optimal or near-optimal solutions to complex organizational problems.
  • Successier™
    Self-leadership workshop of five essential lessons to personal success and peak performance. The program helps individuals develop and implement personal grow by overcoming cognitive biases.
    Through assessment tools, small-group exercises, case studies, and subliminal stimuli, you will develop leadership skills, gain a full understanding of your strengths and development needs, discover your private logic (versus the common logic), develop and implement personal grow by overcoming obstacles like cognitive biases and paradigms, and learn to  improve your performance and to influence others. 

Be Successier



Mentoring program to scientists, executives and people in transition (relocation).

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On a rainy winter day when she was 2 months pregnant and on her way to the operating rooms, Dr. Tilleman was hit by a car, that failed to yield at stop sign.
At that time she was serving as the chief of a cancer center and was writing her second doctorate thesis exploring cognitive biases in science.
Her long journey of rehabilitation forced her to rethink her career but also rethink how people get out of stuckness.
Using her own research, she created a second successful career and now mentoring others how to get fast out of stuckness and embrace change.

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