Dr. Tamara Tilleman


Dr. Tillman is a surgeon who left her medical practice to deal with the current epidemic of stress and burnout in workplaces and higher education institutions.

Her vast experience in mentoring faculty, students, and physicians resulted in the development of an innovative therapeutic theory to treat burnout (Gap Theory). Including novel diagnostic tools for stress and burnout, and personelized recovery plan for exhaustion and dysfunction.

The Gap theory enables organizations and individuals to get back on track and thrive after been exposed to stress, tension, anxiety, and burnout.

Her upcoming book “Burnout Never Killed and Ant” describes the burnout phenomenon, its causes, symptoms, and the ramifications of prolonged burnout. You can learn how the bounty society, excess of choices, and cynicism of the governing systems contributed to the development of the burnout phenomenon. The book suggests antidotes to reverse this disease along with ways to protect yourselves from experiencing it in the future.

Dr. Tilleman is calling for a nationwide action to prevent the next “opioid disaster”.


Dr. Tilleman is the Research Director at Gap Analysis Consulting, Boston, and a Visiting Professor in Guangdong Province, China.


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1Gap™ Screening

1Gap™ Screening – Spot It!

The first step in diagnosing any stress or burnout is a short questionnaire that can be administered bi-annually and is dealing with the first symptoms of stress.
Identifying vulnerable individuals or employees will enable early detection and early treatment. 
The screening tool was developed during the last last 2 decade and is based on feedback from countless clients, students and executives.  

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1Gap™ Assessments

1Gap™ Assessment – Evaluate it!

The 1Gap assessment tool is an in-depth evaluation process the reveal what are the current expectation gaps in work and life and what were the outcomes of these expectations 

This assessment is the second step on the way to better understand the reason for work related stress and burnout. 

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1Gap™ RoadMap

1Gap™ RoadMap- Reverse It!

The third step is creating a personalized and measurable plan, functioning as a RoadMap to self heeling. The 1Gap™ RoadMap is designed as a stepwise system for measuring incremental improvements in productivity and performance. 

This program was designed by Dr. Tilleman and was improved by thousands of professionals, students, and executives who underwent it and contributed new strategies.

This is a simple yet powerful process aimed at teaching people how to spot stress, to reverse burnout, start acting in a productive way and end their suffering.

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